Our StaffMeet our awesome team


Meet our team!

Dedicated to the education and celebration of our precious wetlands, The Wetlands Centre Cockburn is powered by a diverse group of passionate individuals. Our team consists of a wetland environmentalist, nursery expert, IT specialist, and administrative staff, all united by a shared commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability and community education.

From guiding educational activities to facilitating community groups to spearheading propagation efforts, our staff is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment where knowledge, creativity, and a deep love for nature thrive.

Each member of our team brings unique expertise and enthusiasm to our mission, making our organisation a leader in wetland conservation and education. Join us in getting to know the people behind our programs, projects, and day-to-day operations who make our Centre a haven for environmental stewardship.



Ana Terrazas


Ana is a proactive environmentalist passionate about healthy waterways and wetlands. She brings with her a wealth of over 25 years of experience in integrated urban water management, both in Australia and internationally. Her leadership at the Centre is informed by her extensive involvement in water quality monitoring programs, stormwater management initiatives, and the implementation of water-sensitive urban designs.


Jaki Richardson


With a rich background in agriculture and soil chemistry, Jaki has dedicated most of her career to working in remote and rural locations, deeply engaging with the land and its resources. This experience has been nothing short of a gift for her. Now residing in Perth, Jaki considers it a privilege to contribute her skills at a prominent environmental landmark. She is eager to apply her extensive knowledge in natural resource planning and data analysis to preserve and enhance this vital community asset.


Lanie Cottam


Lanie brings a vital blend of expertise and dedication to our environmental conservation efforts. Her specialized knowledge in horticulture and conservation land management, combined with hands-on experience in plant health monitoring and ecosystem restoration, empowers her to lead our nursery with a keen focus on sustainability and native species propagation. Lanie's role is instrumental in nurturing the plant life that forms the backbone of our environmental learning and education initiatives, ensuring their vitality and resilience.


Roe Kanchi


Roe, having dedicated countless hours as a volunteer, now works for the Centre addressing our IT needs. With a deep-seated passion for wetland conservation, Roe combines IT expertise with a love for education, regularly engaging with children to explore and appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Centre. Roe plays a key role in organizing the annual WA Wetlands Conference, showcasing a commitment to community engagement and environmental advocacy. Through a blend of technological skill and a passion for nature, Roe exemplifies the spirit of dedication and service that fuels the Centre's mission.