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What's not to love about volunteering at The Wetlands Centre!

Welcome to a Sanctuary of Hope and Action

Immerse yourself in the heart of environmental conservation at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn. Here, amidst the vibrant biodiversity and serene landscapes, your volunteer efforts contribute directly to safeguarding our natural heritage. By joining us, you become part of a passionate community dedicated to making tangible impacts on our ecosystem and fostering a sustainable future.

Unite, Learn, and Grow

Volunteering with us is an invitation to connect deeply with nature, to learn about the wonders of local plants and wildlife, and to partake in vital community education and conservation efforts. It's an opportunity to join hands with like-minded individuals, creating lasting bonds and memories. Whether it’s through landcare, educational programs, or habitat restoration, your involvement brings us closer to our goal of a thriving, resilient wetland.

Join Our Mission

This is your moment to shine as a steward of the earth. Sign up as a volunteer today and transform your passion for nature into meaningful action. Together, we can preserve the beauty and diversity of The Wetlands Centre Cockburn for generations to come. Step forward into this rewarding journey—your adventure begins here.

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Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at the centre, you are bound by our Volunteer Code of Conduct and your agreement is deemed accepted when you sign up to join us. Please take a moment to read through the same carefully before signing up.