Our OrganisationAn institution with a rich history

More than just a centre for nature activities and education, we are at the very heart of the conservation and sustainability movement for wetlands around our precinct.

We cater to incredible wetland experiences for kids as well as adults that help you connect with nature in the most beautiful way. Our unique programs and events help foster this tie and leave you inspired with memorable experiences you carry with you.

Our centre also features gardens, recreational and landcare demonstration trails, grassed areas, barbecue area, nursery, an amphitheatre and a substantial library.
Come, experience the wonder of the wetlands. Dip your toes in our beautiful lakes. Explore our biodiverse bushland. Be a part of the wetland community.


Our Staff

Our two indespensible staff members run the day-to-day operations of the centre.

Our board

Our diverse Board Members are keen contributors to wetland issues and concerns.

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are our lifeblood, helping with all aspects and creating a community.

The City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn has been our primary sponsor and supporter through the years.

Wetlands Conservation Society

WCS has been the visionary driving our institution ever since our inception.

The Bibra Lake Scouts

We share our campus with the scouts who are wetland enthusiasts and champions.