The Woodland to Wetland Walk Trail

Distance: 2.25 kilometres
Time required: Approximately 1 hour
Starting Point: The Wetlands Centre, 184 Hope Road, Bibra Lake

The Bibra Lake Reserve covers an area of approximately 400 hectares and it contains one of the largest lakes within the Beeliar Regional Park. It is named after an early European settler, Benedict von Bibra. However, long before that it was a significant meeting place and cultural site for the Beeliar group of the Noongar nation. They called it Walliabup.

The Bibra Lake reserve is dominated by the lake itself, but it also contains a large area of banksia woodland to the north east and several small swamps to the east of the Lake.

Bibra Lake Tree Trail

WA Tree Festival 2024

Distance: 1.25 kilometres
Time required: Approximately 45 minutes
Starting Point: The Wetlands Centre, 184 Hope Road, Bibra Lake

Embark on this exciting journey that combines the beauty of trees with the thrill of discovery. This is an approximately 1 km trail that is mostly flat walking with no inclines that takes you through the lust bushland on the eastern side of Bibra Lake within the Beeliar Regional Park.

This trail includes a SCAVENGER HUNT, offering a perfect opportunity for families, nature enthusiasts, and curious explorers to engage with nature in a fun and interactive way.

Wetland Whispers
Poetry Trail

Follow a trail of whispers through a historic centre, lush wetlands and enchanting bush. Discover some hidden paraphernalia and write nature-nurtured poetry! Let your words flow like the gentle ripples on the water's surface. Write of creatures that call this place home and the magic that surrounds them. Accessible and enchanting, this is trail unlike no other.


Bibra Lake is an important recreational area. Much of the Lake’s foreshore has been disturbed by human activity and part of it has been converted into a picnic area and regional playground. The eastern shore of the Lake is less disturbed and it provides a habitat for many bushbirds and other wildlife.

The City of Cockburn manages Bibra Lake and they have carried out extensive improvements to the environment to restore some of the natural vegetation that was destroyed by past farming activities. The Wetlands Centre was established on the eastern side of the Lake in 1993 and it is run by a consortium of voluntary groups. The Centre is devoted to wetland education and landcare and the staff and volunteers from the Centre have assisted the City with its restoration efforts in the Bibra Lake reserve.

The Walliabup Wetland Trail starts at The Wetlands Centre and passes through several ecological communities, including jarrah-banksia woodland, flooded gum fringing vegetation and the riparian zone of the Lake. The trail includes visits to the jetty and the floating boardwalk and bird hide on the eastern shore of Bibra Lake. The trail forms a closed loop and returns you to your starting point at The Wetlands Centre.


General advice for walkers

  • Always take water and a mobile phone with you on your walks.
  • Stay on the trail at all times and follow the trail markers. 
  • Do not walk through long grass or rushes as snakes are often found there.
  • If you see a fire, please report it immediately to DFES (000 or 132500).
  • Do not pick wildflowers. It is an offence for which large fines apply.
  • Do not leave litter behind and use rubbish bins available at the facility.
  • Pets are welcome, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Please do not feed the birds and animals as bread/biscuits will make them sick.