Our Accountability

As a community-based organisation, transparency and accountability towards our stakeholders, board and the wider community are two of our core values. This includes actively seeking feedback on our performance.

We also conduct annual reviews, wherein we inform our stakeholders regarding the state of our organisation – the results we achieved as well as the annual accounts.


Transparency and accountability is something we hold dear at The Wetlands Centre and an issue we know is important to all our supporters.  Here are a few things about us that we think you’ll find of interest.

Have an idea on how we can do better?  Get in touch.

Interested in how The Wetlands Centre holds a core commitment to be accountable, principled and transparent in wetlands conservancy and education?  Then download our Annual Report.

Supporter Pledge

We make this pledge to our supporters:

  • We will spend your donation wisely, carefully, and thoughtfully, always asking how we can maximise its impact and through asking ourselves ‘is this what our supporters would want’.
  • We will always respect your privacy; if you want to change the frequency or way in how we contact you, please let us know.
  • We will always protect your data; we do not sell your personal details or swap them with any other organisation.
  • We will be honest with you.  Undertaking wetlands conservancy and education can be complex and face many challenges, but we will always strive to learn and improve.
  • We have a supporter care team who are dedicated to you. We always love to hear from you.
  • We will share stories of how your support is helping to change lives for the better
  • We are accountable to the objectives we work towards through your support.  The care of wetlands and community education are our responsibility, and not just a means to an end in running our operations.  The message is loud and heard through genuine active involvement in the work we do.
  • We choose carefully which companies we would, or would not, associate with, working with a constituted Vendor Selection process to ask ourselves the right questions.
  • We are committed to preventing, detecting and correcting fraud, misappropriations, discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, support of extremist views, and other wrongful conduct. If you suspect or have observed or experienced, wrongful conduct you can report your concern online or by phone.


The Wetlands Centre Values

  • We respect and value diversity.
  • We respect, value and seek to enhance local capacities.
  • We value and support the central role of women in development.
  • We recognise and value the professionalism, skills and experience of our staff and their contribution to institutional learning and development.
  • We value The Wetlands Centre’s dynamism, adaptability and resilience.
  • We value the support of our donors and program partners.

We value the operational freedom, which stems from being a not-for-profit Australian organisation which is independent of any religious or political affiliation and which does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religion or politics.