Our ImpactWe’re conserving the Beeliar Wetlands

We are working hard to understand and combat climate change while spreading awareness of core problems affecting our wetlands. Our team of volunteers and staff are dedicated and ever-vigilant.

Saving wetlands in a changing climate

Our wetlands are dynamic in nature and they transform with changing seasons. Water levels in the wetlands, such as Bibra Lake, rise and fall with rainfall and the seasonal movement of groundwater. Bibra Lake experiences this seasonal flooding and drying, and oftentimes, this leads to alterations in the depth and area of the body of the lake. The transient wetlands are designed to cope, redistributing their animal and plant life in accordance with these changes.

Satelite images of Bibra Lake from 1953 to 2018 showing vegetation cover

Conserving since 1993

At ‘The Wetlands Centre Cockburn’, we are fortunate to be located adjacent to the resplendent Bibra Lake, within the Beeliar Regional Park. This places us in an ideal position to lead by example in the care of our natural surroundings. We recognize that we bear a great responsibility to inspire, reinforce and connect, and to work with the community to safeguard and protect this amazing area.