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Inviting submissions from the wider Western Australian community for a poetry anthology on the theme of 'Wetlands'.

Slated for release in July 2023.

The "Into the Wetlands" poetry anthology is now available for purchase. Explore heartfelt verses inspired by the beauty and significance of wetlands. Click the button below to head to the book's website and secure your copy today!

Into the Wetlands
is now available!

A community-sourced

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All poets who live in Western Australia are invited to send poems to be considered for inclusion in our community-sourced anthology that is supported by The Wetland Centre’s Poet-in-Residence program. The anthology will be curated by WA’s acclaimed eco-poet, Dr Nandi Chinna, and will be released in time for Earth Day 2023.

The theme of the anthology is "Wetlands". This includes all poetry on wetlands or related to the wetlands, their flora and fauna, their place in nature and in our lives, their historical, cultural, scientific and spiritual significance, and the issues around the environment, climate change and human impact in relation to wetlands.

This anthology will be comprised of poems that focus on WETLANDS: the wet, dry and delicate ecology that is struggling amidst us in this time of climate crisis. The theme may be expanded to the subject of the environment and climate-change within purview of the wetlands—Such poetry is called by various names: climate crisis poetry, eco-poetry, nature poetry, “green” poetry. We are looking for poems that explore what you experience and respond to through wetlands around you, remembering that wetlands are impacted by human choices and actions. Wherever we live— city, town, village, country, woods, seaside, bush—these wetlands are affected by our social, political and spiritual choices. Fertilizer and pesticide run-off contaminates lakes and rivers; excessive urbanisation and construction and shrinking buffer zones lead to their degradation and loss; weeds, algal blooms and pollution impact their health; as species go extinct, our environment is imperilled.

In a time of crisis, it is crucial to write “love poems to the wetlands”— poems that praise, respect and educate what wetlands are, why they are important, the beauty and value they add to our lives and the joy of experiencing the flora and fauna that live in and around these wetlands. “Nature” is not all wildflowers and quokkas. It is equally crucial to write poems that warn of the dangers of climate change, the destruction of wetlands, historical perspectives, the lament of their loss, and their continued abuse and deterioration. Making connections between racial and social injustice and environmental injustice, between ecosystems and social systems, between humans and other living beings—bring it all to your “wetlands” poetry.

What is
Wetlands poetry?

Submission guidelines

  • We welcome submissions from poets of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia.
  • One poetry submission per person.
  • Poems are welcome from poets of all racial and cultural backgrounds and experiences: we all live in this beautiful state together.
  • There is no age restriction. Kindly provide your age in the submission form so that we can place emphasis on submissions from children and young adults—The future belongs to them.
  • Poetry submissions must relate to the theme of wetlands as described herein.
  • You may send previously published poems IF you hold the rights to republish them.
  • Poetry submissions must be appropriate for all ages – no foul language and no graphic/explicit depictions of violence or sex will be accepted.
  • Submissions must be typewritten and in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Please rename your file as: Surname_Poem Title
  • Your poem should not include your name anywhere in the text.
  • Poems with a Title and up to sixty (60) lines maximum (counted from the first line and including stanza break lines) will be accepted. Please do not exceed this limit.
  • By submitting a poem, you and/or your legal guardian agree to allow The Wetlands Centre to include your work in the anthology, and to make reproductions in part or in whole with author credit as needed for marketing and promotional activities related to the anthology, without compensation.
  • Not all submitted poems may be selected for inclusion in the anthology. The selection is based on the curator's discretion.
  • Your poems will be read by several selectors. Selectors for the anthology include the Poet-in-Residence, Lakshmi Kanchi. The final curator for the anthology will be Dr Nandi Chinna.
  • To those whose works are accepted, the anthology will be made available at a reduced price.
  • Submissions open on 5th December 2022, and close on Monday, 27th February 2023 11:59 pm AWST (Perth Time). Poems submitted outside of this time period will not be considered.

Submissions are now closed.

A very big Thank You!

We are overwhelmed by the number and quality of responses we've received. We've now begun the exciting work of collating the entries, and we are overjoyed, elated, moved, and euphoric at the incredible poems you've contributed to this anthology. There is almost no work that we can exclude. So, if you've submitted your poem, you can look forward to just a few editorial comments from our esteemed curator and for your work to be included in the book.

We are gearing up to launch this book on World Environment Day, and will keep you informed about the progress and updates. Keep an eye out on our socials!

Thank you once again for taking us all… Into the Wetlands!

The Swan

by Rainer Maria Rilke


Here's some inspiration: Watch actor Mark Rylance recite this beautiful poem, surrounded by the creatures that inspired it.


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