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Nurturing Nature,
Cultivating Community

At The Wetlands Centre Cockburn, we've transformed our nursery into a state-of-the-art, accredited facility that champions the growth of native flora and wetland plants.

Our nursery is a beacon for community involvement and environmental stewardship. The nursery and landcare projects are at the heart of our conservation objectives.

From modest beginnings...

For over 27 years, with passionate volunteers and community-driven commitment, we ran a modest seed production area and a small nursery, named after passionate wetland conservationist, Norm Godfrey.

Now, thanks to a transformative redevelopment of the precinct in 2020 by the City of Cockburn and further funding from Lotterywest, our nursery is a fully-fledged modern nursery with automatic sprinkler irrigation systems, modern equipment and sophisticated facilities. It serves as a practical learning ground for individuals and groups interested in local flora and restoration activities.

What we offer

Unique Native Plants. Like no other.

The Wetlands Centre Cockburn Nursery is your gateway to an extraordinary collection of native plants. Our dedicated team, comprising enthusiastic botanists and skilled horticulturalists, shares a deep passion for the rich biodiversity that defines southwestern Australia. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and fostering a connection between the community and our natural heritage.

Contribute to Conservation and Community by ordering from us.

Every plant purchase from The Wetlands Centre Cockburn Nursery supports not just your greening project but also our broader environmental mission. By choosing our nursery, you support a community-driven effort to nurture and protect our natural environment.

Choose The Wetlands Centre's Nursery for plants with purpose. Together, we can cultivate vibrant landscapes that celebrate our native flora and foster a sustainable, community-powered future.

Educational Outreach

Our commitment to education spans from school groups to adult workshops, focusing on environmental awareness, plant propagation, and the importance of biodiversity. The nursery acts as a living classroom, offering a unique, hands-on learning experience. What's more - you even get access to experimental growing projects focusing on native wildflowers and different varieties and forms of plants.

We also help facilitate those seeking work experience-related volunteering, research projects, and horticulturalists/botanists with expertise in native plants who want to teach or pass on their learnings and experience and are looking for a welcoming, conducive space to do so.

Uncover Floral Wonder Workshop

Community Nursery Plant Sales

We sustain our efforts through regular community plant sales, offering a variety of native plants grown right here at our nursery. Every purchase supports our mission and helps us continue our vital work. These sales not only provide a means for sustainability but also engage the community in our shared vision for a greener, more biodiverse southwestern Australia.

See below for upcoming Plant Sales at the Nursery.

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A Nursery Operation

Driven by co-operation!

Central to our operation is our community of volunteers. From hands-on nursery work to participating in educational sessions, volunteers are the heart of our centre. We offer a welcoming space for people to connect, share knowledge, and contribute to meaningful conservation efforts.

Here, you'll find an extensive range of native plant species, potting mix, and other essential materials. We rely on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers to keep the nursery flourishing. In return, we offer the satisfaction of contributing to local conservation efforts and the opportunity to learn about plant propagation and wetland care.

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