Championing Changewith the Cockburn Environmental Leadership Program

Our local MLA David Scaife spearheaded and delivered the first Cockburn Environmental Leadership Program at the Wetlands Centre

We are honoured and privileged to have played a small part in this massive effort for the environment! The program saw 23 students from 11 schools come together and learn about sustainability, quiz the Environment Minister—Reece Whitby MLA, get practical insights from Water Corp and the Centre’s Nursery, and develop the skills they need to champion change in their homes and schools.

David said—"When I started this job, I knew that I wanted to get the basics right - doorknock regularly, advocate in Parliament, and deliver on my commitments. But I also wanted to push the envelope and find new ways to be the best representative I could be for Cockburn. My Environmental Leadership Program is part of fulfilling that aim."

We are proud of what was accomplished and look forward to the program continuing on in 2023 where a new generation of leaders is recognised, rewarded, and empowered with knowledge and skills to take stewardship.


David Scaife MLA

Acting Speaker, Western Australian Legislative Assembly

David Scaife is the MLA for Cockburn, elected to the WA Government in March 2021. David lives in Beeliar with his wife, Ellie.

David is committed to providing opportunities and advancement for local kids in Cockburn, with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

In addition to his work as an MLA, David has also been involved in advocacy for the preservation of the Beeliar wetlands for a long time. He has always spoken out against the proposed construction of the Roe 8/9 highway, which he argues would not effectively address traffic issues in the area and would negatively impact the wetlands. He supported the decision of the McGowan Government to permanently protect the Beeliar wetlands, which he reiterates will preserve the natural environment and also uphold the culture of the First Nations people in the area for future generations.

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