Poetry CornerReeds by Sunny Wignall


Dense on the far shore,
at the centre ____ sparse,
graduated to channels
of dead brush;
a perfect breeding ground
for black swans
______ and other impossibles -
a community's will
to save these wetlands
prevailing, making home
these rushes,
these strings
that sing me ____ open.

Sunny Wignall

Sunny Blundell-Wignall

Sunny Blundell-Wignall is grateful to live and write on Nyoongar Boodja, having grown up in the Walyalup/Fremantle area where he still lives. He began writing poetry in 2000 when frequenting Smashmouth and New Word Order poetry clubs. After a break, he re-engaged via the Perth Poetry Club in 2012 and completed a Diploma in Creative Writing at Curtin Uni in 2014, where he engaged in a poetry of place research project under the tutorage of Dr Maureen Gibbons.

During 2020/21 Sunny participated in the Emerging Poets Program via the ever-supportive WA Poets Inc and under the auspices of the Department of Culture and the Arts. Sunny’s poems explore questions of place and environment, history and colonisation, connection/disconnection, belonging and the body.

Sunny is published in the Emerging Poets Anthology: Becoming Known (2020), Poetry d’Amour 2013, the ekphrastic poetry anthology Creative Connections 2015-2021, online poetry zine Recoil #6, Recoil 10, and the upcoming Poetry for the Planet Anthology. He has been a guest reader at Perth Poetry Club and Voice Box.

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