Introducing A Talented Local ArtistBethany Breslin

Hi, my name is Bethany Breslin.

I am a local Botanical and Wildlife Illustrator living in Western Australia. My source of inspiration for my creativity has always been the natural world. Anything I find unique or alluring, I will then seek to find in the field and draw. I am a seasonal illustrator so depending on whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring I will draw insects and flowers corresponding to that particular season.

Current Projects

At the moment I am working on a collection of native orchids which bloom seasonally every year from August to November and are found around Western Australia. These orchids either grow in clusters or individually, scattered across sparse bushland, hidden in patches of tall brown/grey blades of grass. The first scratchboard featured here is the first of many I will be drawing within a series called, ‘Orchids of Western Australia.’

Orchids of Western Australia
Orchids of Western Australia

The drawing technique I use involves scratching lines into a board using a sharp tool and thereafter painting with watercolour and ink. I then re-scratch and colour the whole illustration 3 times to build up the tones. The whole process takes around 1-3 months depending on how large the board is.

Another scratchboard I recently completed is an artwork titled, 'The Wildflower Trail.' It is a collection of wildflowers that you may come across in the bush. The last scratchboard titled ‘Lake Natives’, features natives growing around Bibra lake and other lakes throughout Western Australia.

You can connect with Bethany via her LinkedIn profile at

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