Education UpdateBunuru Season 2022

Get Wild About Wetlands

Do you know some children that would like to Connect with Nature? Get Wild About Wetlands has four exciting activities planned for the April school holidays! Djeran is the season when Noongar people repaired housing and shelter before Makuru (Winter) so we will be going outside to walk through the bush collecting materials and then learning how to build a Mia Mia. Then “Whose Egg is That?” is a special event just for kids 2-5 years where we will look for clues and solve the mystery in a special Nature Story-time session! Decorate your own cardboard Egg Shape any way you like to take home and tell a story with. Then come for a nature walk and see if we can spot any nests keep a look-out for eggs!  For the older and bolder we are running an evening Bat Walk with local bat expert Joe Tonga to explore the secret sounds of the bushland at dusk and check your bat facts during an evening adventure. Lastly, we are hosting a fun-filled creative art session with a focus on leaves.  Artist, Louise Collier, will guide children through painting a canvas with acrylic paints, featuring techniques to create interesting textured backgrounds to offset leaf-inspired art. Keep an eye on City of Cockburn Events and Workshops page ( under school holidays to make sure you book tickets as these events often sell out quickly.


Education Program

The Wetlands Centre offers a broad range of environmental education and training programs to schools, the community and wetland professionals. The education programs are enhanced by the practical involvement of staff and a team of enthusiastic volunteers who help manage the surrounding wetland and bushland areas. In 2021 The Wetlands Centre reviewed its Primary School programs thanks to funding from State NRM. The review provided some clear insights into the shared benefits of school excursions for students, teachers, the community and of course Wetlands, showing that wetlands education can achieve multilayer outcomes, through simultaneously delivering curriculum-linked student learning, community engagement opportunities, and ultimately fostering positive wetland care behaviour.

The Wetlands Centre has been quite busy already this year with excursions and school visits, mainly for secondary students studying integrated science, which will form the basis of the review of secondary school programs.

Thank You Aubin Grove Primary School!

In August last year, Aubin Grove Primary School held a special assembly to celebrate their studies about insects. The students all dressed up held an amazingly colourful parade around the school, joined by our very own slender tree frog mascot. It was lovely to see the students' enthusiasm for insect biodiversity and the tremendous effort they had put into their costumes! During the assembly, they passed around a bucket to collect donations for The Wetlands Centre which came to a very generous $82.20. Thank you very much Aubin Grove Primary School. It was a super fun morning. 😊

- With inputs from Catherine Baudains, Education Officer


This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program

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