Conference ReportThe 19th Annual WA Wetlands Conference 2023

Celebrating Wetlands Restoration: The WA Wetlands Conference 2023 expands its reach and integrates the humanities.

The WA Wetlands Conference, “Cultural Wisdom & Scientific Innovation for our Wetlands” was held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn. As one of Australia’s largest and most influential conferences in wetland science, management, and research, the annual event celebrated World Wetlands Day. This year’s conference followed the Ramsar theme, “Wetlands Restoration: Revive and restore degraded wetlands,” which highlighted the importance of restoring degraded wetlands to revive their vital ecological services.

This year’s conference also featured environmental humanities as a thematic topic, recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to wetland management and conservation. Various speakers explored the intersection of humanities and sciences in addressing wetland challenges and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts across various fields.

Through this conference, participants engaged in fruitful dialogue about the importance of wetlands and the need for continued efforts towards their protection and conservation. The conference provided an opportunity for scientists, managers, elders, community and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to come together and share knowledge, ideas, and experiences to help guide future efforts to protect and restore these vital ecosystems.

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