2024 Sponsors

We're proud to present our sponsors and supporters whose contributions, commitment and action are helping sustain the 20th WA Wetlands Conference 2024.

Main Sponsor

Community Bank – Fremantle
Bendigo Bank

Community Bank Fremantle, a franchise of Bendigo Bank, stands as a beacon of community-driven success and shared prosperity. Established in 2006 by Fremantle locals, this for-profit social enterprise has redefined banking by channeling its profits back into the heart of the Fremantle community. With over 230 local shareholders, Community Bank Fremantle has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to enriching local lives, supporting initiatives in arts, sports, and youth, and contributing over $1 million back to schools, clubs, and community groups.

We are proud to acknowledge Community Bank Fremantle as a major sponsor for this Conference. Their involvement signifies more than just sponsorship; it represents a partnership grounded in mutual respect for the environment and a commitment to achieve this through sustainable community development. This collaboration highlights the critical role of local enterprises in championing environmental causes and underscores the bank's dedication to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our wetlands as vital components of our ecological and community fabric.

Gold Sponsor

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) promotes biodiversity and conservation through sustainable management of WA's species, ecosystems, lands and the attractions in their care. They work to conserve WA’s biodiversity, and cultural and natural values. DBCA provides globally recognised nature-based tourism and recreation experiences for the community, with world-class facilities such as King's Park, Perth Zoo and Rottnest Island.

DBCA has been a long-standing supporter of this conference, and we are proud to have them as one of our Gold Sponsors this year.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Expressions of interest are sought for sponsorship of the WA Wetlands Conference. If your organisation would like to consider sponsoring this event, please visit our sponsorship webpage to know more.