Meet Our Catering PartnerLittle Hawk Freo

If you enjoyed the delicious catering at our 19th Annual WA Wetlands Conference in February this year, it was thanks to the fantastic team at Little Hawk Freo who worked diligently behind the scenes and supplied us with fresh and tasty food. They have been catering for the Conference for the past two years and we’ve been wowed by the quality of the food and the timeliness of their delivery. We’ve also got some really great feedback from all our attendees who ate and enjoyed the food on offer while attending jam-packed, informative sessions.

Here’s a little about this fantastic little food business that has won over our hearts and palates. Little Hawk Freo is a local family-owned business with over 20 years of industry experience that never fails to deliver fresh, delicious, and tasty meals. Little Hawk Freo’s ethos matches those of the Centre in catering to everyone and offering an extensive range of food tailor-made to suit almost all types of dietary requirements.

Beyond being great at handling our requirements to the letter, Little Hawk Freo are also very flexible with their service. This meant we were able to accommodate last-minute reservations, cancellations and changed dietary requirements with ease and without added stress to the Centre’s team of volunteers. Here are some of their values that make Little Hawk Freo a great catering partner for the Centre:

  • Minimising Food Waste: Excess food is always composted. And the biodegradable food packaging waste is also composted.
  • Local Suppliers: All produce is locally-sourced from authentic suppliers who appreciate quality in their produce.
  • For The Love Of Plants: Little Hawk Freo gourmet meals have a seasonal range and are created using top-quality ingredients.
  • Sustainable Waste Management: Practice sustainable waste management by recycling plastic waste and composting food waste.

Little Hawk Freo offer catering packages tailor-made to suit your needs and budget; they can even arrange delivery as well as gourmet grab-and-go meals. Check out their website for stockists and your future catering needs at

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