Wetlands are an essential component of our future. Most of us live in urban areas today. By 2050, the urban population is projected to increase to 68% as more and more people move into cities. When unchecked, urbanization is a threat to urban wetlands, often drained, polluted and degraded in the pursuit of land for housing, agriculture and industry.

It is our urban wetlands that make cities livable. And you can see an example of this in our own city – Perth – where urban wetlands such as those in the Beeliar Regional Park provide us with incredible benefits. They replenish the groundwater. They improve air quality. And they are hubs to nature, providing plenty of opportunities for entertainment and refreshment.

At the wetlands centre, we aspire to achieve sustainability in all our endeavours. Towards this, we have adopted sustainability as one of our core values. Here are a few sustainable initiatives as the centre:
1. Waterwise gardens with rainwater harvesting.
2. Worm farm for much of the organic waste that the centre generates.
3. Solar panelling
4. Energy-efficient lighting within our buildings
6. Native flora grown around gardens
7. Reuse and recycling of waste products
8. On-premise nursery for native plants
9. Advocacy for sustainability