Come Get Wild About WetlandsDjeran Season 2023

Get Wild About Wetlands

April 2023 Holiday Program Report

During the month of April, The Wetlands Centre hosted an exciting and engaging school holiday program, our Get Wild About Wetlands program. Designed to provide children with a chance to unwind and explore something new, these programs have become a highlight for young participants year after year.

Our programs are renowned for their high quality and commitment to providing safe recreational experiences for children. In April, we offered five captivating activities as part of the GWAW school holiday program:


(1) Ancient NyungART —

Chelsey Thomson from the Yelakitj Moort Nyungar Association immersed children in the rich culture of the Nyungar people. Through spear throwing and painting symbols, the kids discovered two ancient art forms of profound significance. They learnt about the practical aspects and techniques involved in spear throwing, as well as the meanings behind each symbol and the art of storytelling and relaying messages through painting symbols.

(2) Clay Turtle Creations —

Under the guidance of our skilled team members, Danielle and Roe, children embarked on an adventure into the world of the Southwestern Snake-necked Turtle. They learned fascinating facts about these unique creatures, including the journey of a mother turtle as she seeks a nesting site and lays her eggs. Additionally, children had the opportunity to express their creativity by crafting their own turtles using natural air-dry clay.

(3) Bat Night Stalk —

Led by our very own "Bat man," Joe Tonga, this thrilling night-time adventure allowed families and especially children to discover the enchanting world of microbats. Equipped with technology, Joe guided the participants in observing these tiny mammals in their natural habitats, while also teaching them about the critical role these critters play in our ecosystem.

(4) DNA Detectives —

Designed to challenge inquisitive minds, the DNA Detectives activity, led by Pauline, invited children to solve the mystery of an endangered salamander fish sighting using state-of-the-art scientific equipment. Wearing lab coats and gloves, the young detectives gained hands-on experience of the world of science and DNA analysis, fostering a deeper understanding of nature and ecosystems.

(5) Wild Wordsmiths —

In this exciting activity, facilitators Lakshmi and Christine led children on a sensory journey along a nature trail, inspiring them to create enchanting poetry. By connecting with their surroundings and incorporating found treasures along the way, the young wordsmiths discovered the magic of self-expression through nature-inspired writing. We also had the pleasure of conducting this activity exclusively for Moerlina School, with the students gathering in the Centre's Meeting Room for a day of poetic exploration and adventure.

The children wholeheartedly enjoyed each activity, immersing themselves in the experiences and gaining valuable knowledge. Feedback from both the children and their guardians was overwhelmingly positive, praising the program's content, staff, and venue.

At The Wetlands Centre, we are committed to providing engaging and educational experiences for children, fostering a love for nature and conservation. The success of the Get Wild About Wetlands school holiday program is a testament to our dedication and the enthusiasm of the young participants who joined us on this unforgettable adventure.

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries WA and Lotterywest.

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