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We're passionate about one thing... Wetlands!

This is our dedicated Board, which guides our mission with passion and expertise. Each member brings unique skills and a deep commitment to conserving and promoting our precious wetlands. Through their visionary leadership, we strive to protect, educate, and inspire our community about the work we do. Meet the team who tirelessly champions our cause and works to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Meet the Board

Meet our esteemed board of directors at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn, each of whom plays a pivotal role in steering our mission forward. Each of our Board members contribute their diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to the Centre, collectively championing our mission towards wetlands and environmental  education and conservation.

Treena Burgess-board-TWCC

Prof Treena Burgess

Prof Treena Burgess, serving as our Chair, is the Research Director at the Harry Butler Institute. She brings with her a distinguished expertise in plant pathology and biosecurity, having contributing significantly to Murdoch University’s research efforts.

Gina Pickering-board-TWCC
Gina Pickering
Deputy Chair

Gina Pickering is a consultant who has led cultural heritage planning in Western Australia for registered sites including wetlands and rivers since 2006. She has a deep interest in water and co-cultural values. Gina is PhD candidate researching the agency of water at Walliabup Bibra Lake.

Bart Houwen-board-TWCC
Bart Houwen
Board Member

Bart Houwen actively engages with the community, driving forward the Centre’s vision and outreach programs. He is a veteran Cockburn councillor and loves working with the community—he volunteers on the boards of other Community-run organisations.

Paul Hansen-board-TWCC
Paul Hansen

Paul is a seasoned financial expert whose acumen in management and sustainable funding practices support our financial health and long-term planning. His expertise ensures our sustainable funding and allocation​.

Felicity Bairstow-Profile-board-TWCC
Felicity Bairstow

Felicity is a dedicated environmental advocate with over 20 years of experience conserving bushland and wetlands in Perth. She has played a pivotal role in the Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign and continues to work on various conservation and community projects.

Paul Neville-board-TWCC
Paul Neville
Board Member

Paul is a Senior Lecturer and molecular ecologist at Curtin University, with research expertise focussed on helping threatened species and improving restoration outcomes. Paul is an environmental policy expert with extensive experience in strategic conservation planning.

Michael Coote-board-TWCC
Michael Coote
Board Member

Michael, with a PhD in aquatic ecology, has been coordinating wetland conservation efforts and advising on environmental impacts for over 20 years at DBCA. He is also our Conference convenor. His expertise is crucial in our wetlands education efforts.

Peter Rattigan-board-TWCC
Peter Rattigan
Board Member

Peter has extensive experience in land management, focusing on sustainable practices. His expertise strengthens our restoration projects and is helping us pursue effective landcare projects.

Lakshmi Kanchi - Copy-board-TWCC
Lakshmi Kanchi
Board Member

Lakshmi, known by her pen name SoulReserve, is an award-winning poet and environmental advocate. She was the inaugural Poet-in-Residence at The Wetlands Centre​. Laksh enriches our educational programs with her artistic vision and dedication to cultural inclusivity.

Philip Eva-board-TWCC

Cr. Philip Eva

Co-opted Board Member

Cr Philip Eva, from the City of Cockburn, has been a steadfast member of The Wetlands Centre Cockburn board for many years. His extensive experience in local government and unwavering dedication to community service provide invaluable insights into local policy and governance. Philip’s long-standing commitment ensures continuity and stability, fostering strong community connections and effective strategic planning for the centre’s initiatives and conservation efforts. His presence on the board significantly enhances our ability to advocate for and strengthen environmental education, community engagement, and sustainability practices, but elavates the Centre's role as a significant asset to the City's environmental and sustainibility vision.

Advancing Wetlands Education and Conservation for a Sustainable Future

At The Wetlands Centre Cockburn, our board members' diverse expertise and unwavering dedication form the backbone of our mission to conserve and restore vital wetland ecosystems. With their collective leadership, we continue to foster community engagement, implement innovative conservation practices, and advocate for sustainable environmental ideas. Together, we strive to protect and enhance the natural beauty, native flora footprint and ecological health of our wetlands for future generations. Join us in our efforts to make a lasting impact on the environment and our community.