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Nestled within the Beeliar Regional park and a stone's throw away from Bibra Lake and North Lake, The Wetlands Centre Cockburn is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Find peace and tranquillity in our close-to-nature campus sprawling with attractively landscaped gardens and vibrant wetland wildlife.

Our Centre has everything you are looking for. It is suitable for events, conferences, workshops, meetings, nature studies, yoga classes, crafts... you name it. And we welcome events that complement our natural surroundings.


We are available for hire!


Our charming indoor facilities include a spacious and functional main hall, a well-appointed and elegant meeting room, a bustling display gallery and a large kitchen fitted with modern amenities. The Centre has adequate toilets and showers, and ample parking areas.

The outdoors are just as delightful, with picnic tables, and a stunning amphitheatre, all in the midst of our beautiful native gardens. Surrounding the gardens is a thick cover (over 120 hectares) of banksia woodlands, complete with nature trails and cycleways - linking boardwalks, bird hides and picnic areas with our glorious wetlands.

More about the centre

We invite you to experience our facilities and soak up the peaceful surrounds of this special environment!

The rates are reasonable. Don't take our word for it - check the fee schedule. We are keen to take regular or casual bookings. Hiring our facilities will include access to the kitchen, display gallery and gardens. 

The best part? All proceeds go towards the running costs of the Centre. And, you'll be supporting a great cause! 

Simply fill the form below. There are a few Conditions of Hire, you must accept these prior to booking, so please read through.


Please also note: If liquor is to be sold either separately or by way of an inclusive charge during the hiring, the applicant will also need to fill in an application for consent to consume liquor on the Centre's premises. This form is not a liquor licence permit but will be needed when applying for a Liquor Licence permit. A permit can be obtained from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor and is the responsibility of the applicant.

  • While we agree that hiring our main hall isn’t inexpensive, our hirees have benefited from the excellent space available for conducting a conference or even practising tai chi.
  • For less than the cost of an inn, you can have a boardroom style meeting at our meeting room.
  • A small additional fee permits the full use of our kitchen so that you can couple your event with an easy breakfast or light lunch.
Venue Hire Request Form
(Applicable to small, local not-for-profit groups)
*Half Day - More than 2 hrs but less than 4 hours including setup and packup time. **Full Day - More than 4 hours including setup and packup time.
Please note: Rates do not include GST, please add 10% for the total fee payable.
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