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It’s not just for kids, there’s something for everyone!

Welcome to The Wetlands Centre Cockburn – your gateway to immersive Adult Programs and comprehensive Training. Immerse yourself in captivating nature experiences, from bat night stalks to wetlands walks. Elevate your skills through vocational training in landcare, propagation, and more. Join us in supporting research initiatives that shape the future of conservation. Our programs are wetlands focused, creative and fun. Our educators are engaged, interesting and inspiring.


Adult Programs

Immerse yourself in a world of nature and discovery with our captivating Adult Programs at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn. We have programs designed exclusively for adults, that offer a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. From the thrill of bat night stalks to the serenity of wetlands walks, our diverse range of activities is sure to ignite your curiosity. Delve into cultural education and indigenous events, gaining insights into the rich heritage of the land. Unleash your creative spirit at poetry events and unwind during movie nights under the stars. Join us for a journey of exploration, learning, and connection with fellow nature enthusiasts. There's something for everyone in our vibrant array of experiences – dive in and rediscover the beauty of the outdoors.


Training Programs

Empower yourself with practical skills and knowledge through the comprehensive Training programs at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn. Our vocational training is dedicated to enhancing your expertise in landcare, propagation, weed control, and planting. Discover the intricacies of local wetland plants and wildflowers, fostering a deep understanding of their role in the ecosystem. Our training doesn't stop at hands-on techniques – we offer immersive wetlands education to provide a holistic understanding of these vital habitats. Whether you're a seasoned environmental professional or taking your first steps into the world of conservation, our training equips you with the tools to make a meaningful impact. Elevate your abilities, connect with experts, and contribute to the preservation of our precious natural environments.


Supporting Research and Conservation at The Wetlands Centre Cockburn: At The Wetlands Centre Cockburn, we are not only dedicated to providing enriching programs and training but also committed to supporting vital research endeavours. We actively encourage students to engage in research projects, fostering the next generation of environmental leaders. Over the years, our centre has been a hub for citizen science programs, offering a platform for enthusiasts to contribute to real scientific discoveries. We take pride in our involvement in diverse research initiatives, including SW snake-necked turtle conservation studies, mosquito research, and an array of other projects aimed at unravelling the mysteries of our natural world. By collaborating with researchers, students, and the community, we contribute to a deeper understanding of ecosystems and the preservation of our invaluable biodiversity.