Wetland CareA little info on our SPAs, nursery and revegetation sites

The thriving native plant life is what makes our wetlands places of immense beauty and wonder. Their roots nourish the land and help with nutrient recycling and removal of toxins. Their lush cover provides shelter and habitat for our wildlife.


Seed Production Areas

The centre has one wet and one dry seed propagation area (or SPA). It is here that the seeds are propagated and transplanted. We use a handy (unofficial) zone guide to determine and pick the zones. The SPAs are our pride and joy.



Norm’s nursery is a little haven for our native plants. There are 139 native plants that are officially confirmed as local to our area (there may be more that are not confirmed yet) and we grow all of these. We currently have a maximum holding capacity of up to 22,000 plants!


Revegetation Sites

We have a number of revegetation sites around Bibra Lake and North Lake such as Horse Paddock Swamp. We use these sites for our community planting events and over the years this effort has dramatically changed the quality of the bushcover in these areas.